Wannabe - Season 1, Episode 2

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Wannabe – Episode 2: Giving it All Away

BBC Three sitcom, 2018, 22 mins

Back in the girl-power heyday of the 90s, a hit single would easily get you 15 minutes of fame. But 15 minutes is not quite enough for some people.

Maxine (Lily Brazier) never made it to the big time as part of girl group Variety, but is still desperately trying to cling on to her dream as the (failing) music manager for teenage pop group Sweet Gyal. However Maxine finds herself in crisis when, fed up of her trying to live vicariously through them and her embarrassing attempts to get them a record deal, Sweet Gyal threaten to drop her.

But Maxine has come up with a plan. A come back. This time bigger, bolder and, well… older. Who cares about a hip young girl group anyway?! What the world is really missing is Mum Pop.

2018, Dir. Ben Murray

Written by: Lily Brazier and Ben Murray
Produced by: Claire McCarthy
Executive producer: Jack Newman
Production co.: Bullion Productions